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SMART2 Progress - Federal Street

Public Works - September 22, 2023 - Excavation work, installation of streetlight wiring and mounting infrastructure, and the beginning efforts toward curb construction are underway on th...Full Article

SMART2 Progress - Front Street

Public Works - September 22, 2023 - The decorative concrete crosswalks spanning Market Street are complete. Once fully cured, all north-south lanes of traffic will reopen on Market Stree...Full Article

SMART2 Progress - Rayen Avenue

Public Works - September 22, 2023 - All of the decorative concrete crosswalks have been constructed on Rayen Avenue. The crosswalks on West Rayen Avenue have cured and traffic has been r...Full Article

SMART2 Progress - Commerce Street

Public Works - September 22, 2023 - Construction of the east-west crosswalks over Wick Avenue is now complete. Final painting and striping has been done on all blocks of Commerce Stre...Full Article

Youngstown Water To Distribute Lead Awareness Kits

Lead Awareness - May 16, 2023 - As part of a comprehensive lead-in-water mitigation effort, Youngstown Water has partnered with Healthy Babies Bright Futures, a nonprofit organizatio...Full Article

SMART2 Progress - Park Avenue - Project Completion

Public Works - April 27, 2023 - Construction work on Park Avenue, between Fifth Avenue and Covington Street, and Fifth Avenue, between Park Avenue and the Westbound Service Road, is ...Full Article

1st Ward: ARP Funds Spark New Homes Off Glenwood Ave.

ARP, City Council - February 9, 2023 - The subsidized development of three new homes highlights a $725,000 project under way in the Glenwood Corridor with the support of the City’s American...Full Article

1st Ward: ARP Dollars Fuel Expansion for ‘Bodega on Wheels’

ARP, City Council - February 6, 2023 - A mobile food service based in Youngstown is expanding with the support of American Rescue Plan funds targeted to the City’s 1st Ward. Aisle One Mo...Full Article
Photo of water crew repairing a street water line.

West Side Project to Replace Nearly 6,000 Feet of Lead Pipes

ARP, Lead Awareness - November 23, 2022 - Work is expected to start early next year on a project to remove the lead pipelines supplying water to more than 100 homes on Youngstown’s West Side a...Full Article
Closeup image of network switch with network cables attached.

ARP Funds Drive IT Network Upgrade, Boost Security

ARP, Information Technology - November 21, 2022 - With $200,000 of American Rescue Plan funds, Youngstown is upgrading its information technology network to enhance security, as well as provide redund...Full Article

Staff Adds, Local Alliances Highlight Plan to Boost Health

ARP, Health - November 15, 2022 - Fresh off of lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Youngstown City Health Department is planning a major staff and service expansion to im...Full Article

New Tasers, Body Cameras Help Police Confront Violent Crime

ARP, Police - September 15, 2022 - The purchase of 155 next-generation Taser stun guns and body-worn cameras for every police officer will dramatically elevate the capabilities of the Y...Full Article

Mobile Grocery Market Revs Up Service to Food Deserts

ARP - September 15, 2022 - The Mahoning Valley Mobile Market has delivered a burst of acceleration to efforts to support the thousands of Youngstown residents living in “food de...Full Article

Defibrillators Bring New Level of Safety to City Buildings

ARP, Fire - September 15, 2022 - Thanks to a distribution from the City’s American Rescue Plan funds, 50 new defibrillators – medical devices that can rescue victims of sudden cardiac...Full Article

SMART2 Progress - South Phelps Street

Public Works - September 13, 2022 - Work is underway on the South Phelps Street and West Boardman Street intersection, the last outstanding component of the South Phelps Street phase of ...Full Article

1st Ward NIA Summary

Property Code Enforcement & Demolition - November 19, 2021 - A Neighborhood Impact Area (NIA) was designated in the 1st Ward for the period from October 4th to October 18th, 2021. This NIA was defined geographic...Full Article

SMART2 Progress - Fifth Avenue - Project Completion

Public Works - October 29, 2021 - The Fifth Avenue phase of the SMART2 Network project is now complete. The street has been open to traffic since the beginning of YSU's Fall 2021 semes...Full Article

3rd Ward NIA Summary

Property Code Enforcement & Demolition - September 9, 2021 - A Neighborhood Impact Area (NIA) was designated in the 3rd Ward for the period from July 29th to August 12th, 2021. This NIA was defined geographicall...Full Article

Civil Service Job Application Process Goes Online

Civil Service - February 22, 2021 - The Youngstown Civil Service Commission has recently converted its employment application process over to an exclusively online experience, via the go...Full Article

Phelps Street Gateway Project Complete

Public Works - November 5, 2020 - The final phase of the Phelps Street Sewer and Roadway Beautification Project is now complete. The "Phelps Street Gateway" was officially opened with ...Full Article

Business Spotlight - Star Supply

Economic Development - March 13, 2020 - The Economic Development Division awarded Star Supply with “City of You Business Spotlight.” Located at 875 Mahoning Ave., Star Supply stocks house...Full Article