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Municipal Clerk of Court

The office of the Municipal Clerk of Court maintains and administers the records and fees pertaining to the operation of the Municipal Court.

Public Case Access/ePay

Access Youngstown Municipal Court case records via CourtView (opens in new window).

Clerk's Office

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The Clerk's Office CAN:

  • Answer questions you may have about court procedures.
  • Help you find information about your case and where you must go for court.
  • Answer questions about money owed to the court.
  • Direct you to other agencies that can provide assistance.

The Clerk's Office CANNOT:

  • Give you legal advice or fill out forms for you.
  • Tell you what to say or write.
  • Recommend lawyers or bonding agents.
  • Reschedule for the Judge's office.

Public Notices

No Public Notices at this time.

Civil Jurisdiction

Cost List

Civil Division

Bailiff Services

Parking Ticket Division

Criminal and Traffic Division